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Vital Danza and Biodanza in the Brighton area

Vital Danza is a movement practice that brings vitality, joy, confidence, happiness, self-acceptance and a sense of well-being to those who attend regular classes. All sessions are professionally guided and suitable for anyone regardless of experience. There are no steps to learn, simple the opportunity to feel alive and uplifted.   more on vital danza and vital development
Biodanza literally means the dance of life. It is a system of personal growth using music and movement. Biodanza lowers stress levels, boost your immune system, helps to re-balance the body, builds confidence, increases vitality, stimulates joy and brings new friends into your life.

Opportunities to join a Vital Danza or Biodanza experience in the area
vital danza
Helen Thatcher
weekly in Hove
and monthly with Marcelo and Patricia
e  t 07792763106 b

vital danza
Julia Hancock
e:  t 07800 763104 
biodanza and aquabiodanza
Rachel Vital
Biodanza sessions
monthly in Portslade
t:  07597 639 123
other sessions
De'an Matuka   more info
special events
by Patricia and Marcelo - see below (part of the Brighton School of Vital Development)

The Vital Development system (also called Vital Danza) was born or derived from Biodanza – The Dance of Life. It is described as an “updated” version. Vital Development has an open approach to incorporating elements of other methods that promote health and well-being, and emphasises a spiritual connection to all aspects of life. The improvements have been made by Patricia Martello and Marcelo di Matteo, who run special event workshops and also deliver training.

More info: e:  t: 0208 3921433 (Mon-Fri 10-5) 

or contact Helen Thatcher in Brighton: e: t: 077927 63106

Intense workshops in  2016: Lesbos (Greece) July 22-26, Osho Leela July/August, and Proitze (Germany) September

Biodanza in the UK and beyond: ABTUK

De'an Matuka's Biodanza Heart in Motion video gives an accessible description of the essence of biodanza
Helen Glavin now has her music available:
Helen's Myspace
  Helen's website

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